Who stole the eggs?

Lil Chick is an exciting 3D adventure jump and run game for children and adults. Jump, flutter and fight your way to victory in this 3D platformer! There is a lot to discover in our 3D adventure game. It combines classic jump 'n' run elements with a modern 3D platformer.

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Find the lost eggs and save his siblings. Many exciting adventures in different worlds await you. Along the way you will master a variety of obstacles, cross labyrinths, climb bean tendrils, make friends and fight against thieving villains. Throw yourself into the adventure, but be careful! There are dangers lurking like spiny hedgehogs, voracious plants and scary ghosts. They all want to prevent you from reaching the deceitful snake and get the eggs to safety in time.

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Mobile Game Lil Chick

Mobile Game

Different gameplay mechanics, 3D platformer, adventure levels, mini-games, puzzles & boss fights. Collect valuable items, solve challenging puzzles. Detailed levels, a fully rotating camera, precise controls and harmonious music. The 3D adventure to excite and challenge players of all ages.


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Lil Chick is completely ad-free and no in-app purchases. With a one-time purchase you get the full version with all levels, features and updates. You are a fan of Lil Chick? Then follow us on Social Media

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